Summer 2019

It’s the official end of Summer and as many look forward to the change of season and hoodie weather, it’s also a great time to look back at the fun we had this Summer. IntegrateIT hosted two great events to get the team together, enjoy the weather, and have a few adult beverages.

First, what started as some friendly office banter, turned into a Crossfit challenge and happy hour. A few team members brought their A-game back in June for a friendly competition and some just came to spectate. Everyone gathered at our favorite wine and whiskey bar after for a few drinks and apps.

What are we doing?
What did I get myself into?
We survived?!

Our second group outing was the Florida Georgia Line concert in August. We piled into the party bus and headed to Farm Brew Live for drinks and dinner before making it to the concert. It was a great night to listen to some country music and to get to know our team members and their significant others.

Farm Brew Live

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